Copper Rose - Eternal Flower

Copper Rose - Eternal Flower

Choosing a gift is always a difficult question, especially when the addressee is the beautiful half of humanity. The ladies are so picky! But do not rush to despair - there are great gifts for women (copper gift ideas) which will definitely not be left without attention. There are iron gifts in the form of roses. The rose is a rather interesting symbol with which many legends and myths are associated. The meanings of purity, virginity, life, tranquility, but at the same time both passion and desire were attributed to her.

A rose is not just a flower. It's a queen and a prima donna! Flawless and perfect. It is a sign of the Sun, love and the garden of Eros. In ancient Egypt, the rose is the emblem of Isis, in ancient Greece it is a symbol of love and passion, the sacred flower of Aphrodite, as well as the goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the patron saint of newlyweds, Hymeneus (the newlyweds slept in a bed strewn with rose petals and on pillows filled with them). Among the Romans, the rose was revered as a symbol of victory and the triumph of love, and it belonged to Venus. And in India, they believe that the goddess of prosperity, the beautiful Lakshmi, appeared from a blossoming rose bud …

In the West, a rose is a flower in which light is born, a symbol of paradise, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Grail. According to the degree of its symbolic meaning, it corresponds to the main eastern mystical flower - the lotus. Since ancient times, the rose has denoted time and eternity, the mystery of life and grace, goodness and happiness, generosity and nobility, beauty and fertility. Well, and, of course, the heart. Not without reason, in the ancient mystical emblems, it was placed in the very center of the cross, as a point of unity. Now it is easy to imagine what a person wants to say who gives roses as a sign of sympathy, love or affection. And it doesn't matter at all - whether it will be a huge bouquet with multi-colored bows and ribbons or one modest flower...

That is why beautiful unfading flowers made of high quality copper can be a great anniversary gift for wife, mother's day gifts or a cool romantic gifts for girlfriend.

The symbolism of the rose is really multifaceted. In such an incredible gift for a woman, like a copper rose, you can put all your feelings, all the trepidation of the relationship. You can talk about this amazing flower for a long time.

Here are just some interpretations of this amazing flower:

  • If there is a rose, words are not required. No recognition, no compliments, no admiration. This is such a flower, he himself will say everything. In Greece, for example, the rose was associated not only with the goddess of love, but also with Harpocrates, the god of silence. If words are spoken in the presence of a rose, then they are not for the ears of others. Roses themselves create an atmosphere of privacy and intimacy. No wonder the rose flower symbolizes silence and mystery. That is why in ancient times roses were hung on doors, depicted in the stained-glass windows of medieval temples, and confessionals and meeting rooms were necessarily decorated with its image, as a sign of secrecy. There is even a Latin expression - sub rosa (literally - "under the rose"), that is, what is said in private is not subject to disclosure. The rose is a secret sign of harmony for the initiates, for those who love each other, for their smiles, glances and touches. That is why it is a good wife anniversary gift.
  • This interpretation is reflected in the philosophy of alchemy, where the rose means secret knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, giving a metal rose to a mother (gifts for mom) or grandmother would be a really good idea.
  • When the Middle Ages are replaced by the Renaissance and the return of ancient values, the rose is interpreted as a sign of love. Its symbolism takes on a more earthly character (compared to the period of antiquity). Now she means earthly sensuality, her image is sung in love literature and painting. That's why copper roses are the best valentines day gifts. Such a beautiful forged product is much more interesting than a banal bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear. A romantic gift for wife or girlfriend  like this is sure to be remembered.

Although a rose is not necessarily valentines day gifts for her. A metal rose can also be given to a man, for example, on a wedding anniversary or birthday. If you give a rose to your beloved man, then the romantic gift is interpreted as a symbol of love, but if you present such a gift to a brother or friend, it will be a sign of respect and a wish for success in your career. A flower will add love and joy to everyone, and will bring mutual understanding to the house and relationships, heartfelt affection, tenderness and peace.

You can order romantic valentines day gifts or anniversary gifts for her on the company's website Cooper Age. It has 2 options for the execution of copper anniversary gifts. You can order:

  • Copper Rose - Antique Finish. It is a great 7th anniversary gift for those who love vintage
  • Copper Rose - Natural Finish. One of the best romantic gifts for her.
Each of the romantic copper gifts is made of high-quality copper and has a presentable appearance. The 7th wedding anniversary roses look very realistic and come with a stylish horizontal stand. Such a piece of furniture will harmoniously fit into any style and will become a real highlight of the design project. Buying such a сopper gift for Valentine's Day or a 7 year anniversary gift you can not worry that a person will not find a beautiful use for it. After all, you want not just to give gifts for her, but to make a present that will always be in sight and will remind a person of the warm and tender feelings of the giver.
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