7 year anniversary gifts

7 year anniversary gifts

Choosing a 7 year wedding anniversary gift is a difficult and responsible task. On this day, the couple remembers the wedding itself, as well as all the happy moments of married life. A 7th year anniversary gift does not have to be expensive, but it is desirable that it be symbolic and give a smile to the young. The best present for any event is one that combines several properties at once. It should surprise, cause joy and be useful. It is really difficult to come up with something interesting, despite the fact that there are many gift options on the market - all of them are quite trivial and most likely will not be remembered by young people. If the spouses themselves want to make a gift to each other, then they also want it to be not an ordinary perfume, a cufflink on a shirt, a portrait in a beautiful frame, etc. Everybody wants the gift to be memorable and unusual. 7th anniversary traditional gift - it is not interesting at all.

Seven is considered a sacred and lucky number. Not without reason in nature, there are seven wonders of the world, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes.

The seventh anniversary is copper. It is from copper metal that the wires through which the electric current passes are made. Also, the spouses for 7 years of marriage have created their own invisible network, which is a source of energy for them. Our company offers such copper gift ideas for the 7th wedding anniversary:

Horseshoe made of pure copper with engraving.

We are accustomed to the fact that a horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and happiness. A horseshoe for good luck is already a tradition. Where exactly did this belief come from?

They say that the lucky horseshoe came to us from Ancient Egypt, where the Pharaoh's horses were allegedly shod with gold. Of course, finding such a horseshoe was a great happiness, because it cost a lot of money.

The most popular version is that of the Bishop of Canterbury Dunstan (tenth century). The bishop was, among other things, a skilled blacksmith. Once the devil himself knocked on the door and asked him to shoe his hoof. Dunstan agreed, made a beautiful horseshoe, and then began to nail this horseshoe to the devil's hoof. But, since he did everything with prayer, including work, the devil experienced terrible torments. Because of this, he begged and in exchange for freedom promised not to enter the houses, over the door of which a horseshoe hangs. According to this legend, since then, horseshoes have been hung over the doors.

In confirmation of the "happiness" of the horseshoe, there is also another version. In the old days, iron was highly valued and expensive. Therefore, finding a horseshoe somewhere on the road, where a horse had previously galloped, was a real success: a poor person could make a lot of things useful in the household from a horseshoe.

Now the horseshoe is credited with the ability to attract a variety of benefits - money, love, the fulfillment of a cherished desire, and health. A good luck horseshoe is a welcome item in every home and a really great option for a seven year anniversary gift.

These romantic copper gifts which a wife can give to her husband (copper gifts for him), a husband to his wife, or acquaintances who want to congratulate the spouses on such a significant date as the 7th anniversary.

Such a сopper gift will definitely not go unnoticed. It has a presentable appearance and harmoniously fits into any interior design, and any room - a beautiful handmade horseshoe on a wooden stand can be placed in the office, bedroom or kitchen. This 7 year anniversary gift is not only beautiful in itself, but also comes in a stylish gift box.

Rose handmade from pure high quality copper.

Such copper anniversary gifts will definitely not go unnoticed. From 7th anniversary traditional gifts, these romantic copper gifts differ in their symbolism and, moreover, will delight the owners throughout the long years of their lives.

In Greek mythology, as a symbol of love and passion, the rose served as the emblem of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite (Roman Venus), and also symbolized love and desire.

During the Renaissance, the rose was associated with Venus because of the beauty and fragrance of this flower, and the sharpness of its thorns was associated with the wounds of love. According to one legend, the rose first bloomed when the goddess of love Aphrodite was born from the waves of the sea. As soon as she came ashore, the flakes of foam, sparkling on her body, began to turn into bright red roses. Another legend says that the god of nature Adonis and the goddess of love Aphrodite loved each other. But Aphrodite's husband Ares, out of jealousy, killed her lover while hunting, taking the form of a boar. The girl was looking for her lover, making her way through the forest thicket, pricking her legs on thorns, and beautiful scarlet roses blossomed from drops of her blood. But she was too late, her lover was dead. So red buds began to personify ardent love and devotion.

A copper rose is a great 7th anniversary gift. She symbolizes love that will never die or wither. The delicate texture of the product looks very gentle and natural, the rose really looks like a real one. This is not a 7 year anniversary gift, traditional and modern, unlike a bouquet of natural flowers, and therefore your soulmate will definitely like it very much.

Unique 7th wedding anniversary gifts in this design are presented in 2 versions, there is Copper Rose - Antique Finish and a Copper Rose - Natural Finish.

You can order such copper anniversary gifts for her and a horseshoe (7 year anniversary gift for him) or a married couple on the official website of the company. Products from “Cooper age” are interesting copper gift ideas that can win the heart of everyone from the first seconds. What a rose, what a horseshoe - this is not a traditional 7 year anniversary gift that a person will forget about after a couple of months, these are unique copper gifts for her and copper anniversary gifts for him, which are engraved in memory.
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